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Acupuncture, Floating and Massage Therapy

Our treatments are Pure Gain, designed to restore you to the good and balanced health that you need. We understand that the beauty of life is best enjoyed in the absence of physical and mental sicknesses and disease, so we offer timeless healing practices such as acupuncture and massage that are still just as effective today.  Floating therapy, one of our most recent discoveries offers amazing benefits for physical and mental healing. We have almost 3 decades of experience in restorative therapy practices to ensure that you live out your life in peace of mind and in good health.  Your good health is our joy and your peace of mind gives us fulfillment.

Brisbane Acupuncture

Acupuncture focuses on modifying and restoring the body’s energy circuit. The acupuncturist seeks to harmonize energetic interferences, free up obstructions and cause a healthy balance for a person’s physical, mental, psychological and whole being.

We work with sophisticated technology, using the best of needles to provide long lasting cures and remedies. We have treatments for every age and personality category, especially for children and those with a phobia for needles. Our techniques do not harm the skin neither do they cause any form of damage but are gentle and effective. The cupping method is also used where necessary alongside the use of heat for certain points of acupuncture for an even, gentle and holistic treatment.

Brisbane Floating

Floating is free movement in a floatation tank that contains 30cm of colourless crystalline salt. The tank has a constant temperature of 34.5°C and a concentrated solution that allows for easy floating. Your body relaxes and feels at home in its own skin as you float. You can enjoy perfect silence as you relax or have subtle background music. You can also choose to have the lights on or off but it’s always a relaxing ambience once you start to float.

Brisbane Massage

We have a wealth of 12 years of giving massages for medical, therapeutic, sports and relaxation purposes in Brisbane. Rebecca, our chief therapist rubs and kneads carefully and expertly to ease stress and release tension in the body in her personalized treatment sessions. She is well versed in the different techniques for each release mechanism. There is no one size fits all with her; every one’s treatment session is unique.

Rebecca specializes in massages to relieve neck, shoulder and back pain or tension.   She also gives calming and curative massages for pregnant women, with special attention to ensure the procedure is successful, yet very safe for mother and child.  Rebecca believes everyone needs a holistic massage experience.


Acupuncture Specialist

David is a professional acupuncturist that is recognized nationwide for his contribution in the last 15 years towards restoring people back to total health through acupuncture and related treatment options.


Massage Therapist

Rebecca has a passion for sharing the healing abilities of massage therapy alongside acupuncture and floating. Since 2004, she has become a heart and a hand that can be trusted in her field.