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Welcome to Unlimited You Rebirthing!

When you dream, do you have limits?

Dreams are not fake – the truth is, they are real and essential for all changes. As is well known by science, energy comes after thought. This implies in fact the dream phase precedes all goals and achievement in the World, all sensitive modifications and transformation. We encourage you to step into the limitless version of yourself, to bring sensitive awareness, and recovery to your current moment, to increase into the most desired version of yourself!

We provide you with Rebirthing courses in Thailand and India Limitless You – TantraRebirth is a powerful system of self-mastery, a model of self-development within which you become the co-creator of your new and unlimited lifetime of personal freedom, self-actualization, and true happiness. This method begins with Rebirthing Breathwork as its core, and incorporates potent and really effective ways from Tantra, Yoga, dance, and movement practices, energy work, medical care and awareness coaching into a personalized journey of transformation designed to unleash your full human potential.

The Unlimited You Rebirthing Program has been tutored in professional and assistant trainings presently held in Thailand and in workshops in India, China, Australia, Hungary, Cyprus, and Thailand. Individual healing sessions meant to assist you shift your life into new and limitless dimensions are out there face to face or by Skype with Chandra, the creatrix of the Unlimited You – TantraRebirth Program. Take the primary steps today toward Unlimited You!

Consider our Rebirth healing retreats in India or Thailand.

Rebirthing Practitioner Training

This coaching is for people who would like to try and do deep work in the PERSONAL Transformation / HEALING and to make renewal and lasting positive amendment in their lives at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and religious.

* In this healing retreat & coaching, you’ll experience 15 Rebirthing sessions, fire purification, and seminars on several very important subjects like ever-changing core beliefs, emotional healing, overcoming negative experiences from birth, religious psychology, aware creation, body mastery, and more.

* You will learn the abilities that accompany self-healing habits which will carry you throughout your life. Our stress is on exploitation the breath for integrated and personal/spiritual development of that specializes in practices of awareness and self-paced learning that result in self-mastery.

You will learn a kind of respiratory that enables integrated access to religious, mental, physical, and emotional aspects of varied planes of experience – clearing and reprogramming at the extent of the cellular memory. True learning takes place as a result of personal experience. You’ll be supported through this method and grow measurably from it.

The coaching initial addresses the abilities needed to use Rebirthing techniques for self-clearing one’s own physical, mental, emotional, or psycho-spiritual blocks to wellbeing and intentional living. The completion of the overall interest, pre-professional Rebirthing self-clearing coaching (a 30-hour workshop) permits the participant to use breath work mastery for self-use and to understand the way to transfer these skills to the qualifications of a Rebirthing practitioner.

The coaching is extremely experiential, integrating listening-oriented and client-centered straightforward assessments.

* Gaining awareness of repetitive patterns
* Experiencing emotional healing
* Overcoming career burnout and stress