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Akasha Yoga Academy – Namaste

Our goal is to share with you inspirational practices and teachings of yoga. We offer the essence of this ancient wisdom while relating it in modern day language.

You will receive down-to-earth teachings through knowledgeable practices and research. Akasha Yoga Academy offers a very powerful combination of scientific awareness and traditional wisdom. The teachers at the academy are extremely qualified at offering the true heart of yoga in a very devoted manner. Some of the excellent programs being offered include retreats, pranayama workshops, teacher training courses and life coaching. Yoga is approached as a holistic science through the combination of physical practices and a broad understanding encompassing asana, mudra, bandha, pranayama, anatomy, meditation, psychology and philosophy.

Through yoga, you will enter a path toward contentment, inner growth and great health. The courses welcome you to study and practice yoga in a comprehensive manner while discovering the very deep relationships between body, mind, spirit and soul.

A Place For Spiritual Space:

The Akasha Yoga Academy is a certified and registered member of the International Yoga Alliance. The course of study for the Teacher Training Courses are approved by the Yoga Alliance and the instructors are all accredited, certified Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers (E-RYT-200 & 500).

If you don’t know, Akasha means Space, Academy is a place for the transferring of knowledge and Yoga is the spiritual union. Through Sanskrit the word Akasha means radiance which can be connected to the brightness of your Spiritual Heart. Therefore, through deep meditation the mind fades into a shining space of pure existence and dissipates through the awareness of chit-akasha. Akasha also refers to Ether, the most pure of the five classical elements that is very much like Aristotle’s Quintessence.

Through Sanskrit, yoga means “to yoke” or “to unite”. This suggests there is a union between universal and individual consciousness. In the Taittiriya Upanishad (500 BC), yoga was first referenced as a practice for spiritual awakening. The Greek term “Akademia” refers to the place where philosopher Plato (428-347 BC) offered his teachings. In modern times, we still use the term “Academia”.

Akasha Yoga Teacher Training

If you have a great passion for yoga and are looking for a meaningful way to contribute to society, maybe it’s time to come up to the next level of training. Through Akasha Yoga, you will be offered an incredible journey, through evolution, and discover the roots of classical yoga. In order to become a successful yoga instructor, you must have a deep ability of self-practice, a significant philosophical and spiritual understanding of yoga. The Academy’s excellent coaching staff will utilize empowering methods to turn an aspiring student into a confident instructor.

This comprehensive study course consists of 200 hours of intensive training and is approved by the International Yoga Alliance. Their Teacher Training Course is created to turn your passion into a very meaningful profession.

Teacher Training and Yoga Retreat with Xhale Yoga in Pai, Thailand

Thousands of individuals have taken our course here’s why these people choose to study with us.

In the Pai Valley, we have been organizing retreats for over 8 years. We work here all year round and have a preference of smaller groups of around 5 to 18 individuals. This gives us time to work with each individual to offer them personalized guidance and mentoring through our courses.

Our primary focus is on bringing internal peace to the individual and on purifying their body. Our approach to teachings is a holistic one which helps the individual discovered the true meaning of their self. Our teaching is not just about being by Yogi and eating organic food, as our teaching looks at the entire life of the individual.

We look at the entire life of the individual from their career, to food, to the relationships that they are in. We work to remove the toxic elements of your life. Here in the Pai valley, it’s a perfect place to study. There’s many natural attractions here, biking trails, places for walking, ideal climbing locations, waterfalls for nature lovers, and enchanting Woodlands to explore. You can soak in a hot spring and enjoy the healing properties of the water as well as the minerals with in that water. if you’re looking for a way to calm your body far away from modern life, we have the perfect place for you.

Meditation and Yoga Retreat for Five Nights

We offer a five-night immersion in our yoga program. It’s perfect for experienced practitioners as well as people that are new to the yoga practice. If you want to revitalize your yoga training and bring more awareness and depth to your yoga experience, we offer the perfect training for you.

Yoga Teacher Training in Pai Thailand 200 Hours

If you want to deepen your practice or become a future teacher this TTC course program gives you everything that you need. It will help to elevate all of your teaching skills and give you the knowledge that you need to be a yoga practitioner. If you need a yoga teacher in Chiang Mai, we are 3-hour at mini bus ride or a 20-minute flight away.

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Aiming to Become a Future Teacher or Not

Our TTC course it’s for anyone that wants to get deeper into their yoga practice, they don’t necessarily have to have the willingness to be a teacher. You can of course use this training to become a teacher if you prefer. The course covers care and teaching you’ll go, quality of yoga training, sense of compassion to yourself in other people, experimental yoga approaches, teaching without expectation, listening to your body, and guidance without interference.

Through this course you’ll learn to explore the anatomy of the body, learn about philosophy and yoga history, study a wide repertoire of yoga poses, learn meditation techniques, and how to breathe properly. The most important skill that you’ll learn is an ethical awareness to support growth in yoga practice and how to bring Harmony to all your daily activities

Yoga is more than simple asanas as it’s not how flexible or strong you are. Yoga helps to control your mind and the discipline as well as the work on the mind is the hardest part of yoga. When you practice yoga, this is a non-stop learning and development process. TTC Is simply a doorway to open up the deeper knowledge of yoga. If you wish to be disciplined and work hard, you’re very welcome to join us.

Our Xhale Yoga Retreat is registered with the yoga Alliance so you’re working with a registered at yoga School and you’ll receive accreditation at the 200 our level. This course is for anyone that wants to learn many yoga aspects and go deeper into yoga practice for personal growth. This course is also suitable for anyone that wants to be a yoga teacher now or sometime in the future.