Yoga & Tantra Retreats in India, Germany, Argentina, Brazil

Authentic Teachings for a Modern Perspective

Ancient lessons for mind and spirit from Indian and Tibetan spiritual masters come to life through a new fresh and accessible approach to Meditation, Yoga and Tantra. Explore the spiritual traditions of Yoga, Meditation, and Tantra practices. We assist spiritual seekers by combining traditional lessons with original teaching methods in order to shed light on the esoteric practices of truths forgotten.

Many people who practice yoga today understand it as merely physical exercise that tones and strengthens the body. The true experience delves deeper into the ever-changing and growing depths of the mind and spirit. This ancient practice can reveal inner depths you were not aware of. Somananda Yoga Retreats encourage and facilitate full immersion in the powerful energies of Meditation, Yoga and Higher Tantra, thus transforming individuals in such a way that progress can be measured and verified. The Yoga University provides well-organized instruction for practical usage of these teachings. The restful and inspiring atmosphere at the retreats transforms the varying levels of Yoga teachings with motivation for both groups and individuals. You will attend spiritual lectures, group meditations and discussions and find not only considerable opportunity to evolve to a higher spiritual plane but also answers to life’s questions and plenty of new friends.

Yoga Education and Training

Every Somananda Yoga Retreat offers a variety of instruction levels designed to cater to individuals from beginners to experienced practitioners. Whatever level you have achieved in your study, you will find suitable teachings and practice groups. We offer a 24 level Yoga University structure to best serve everyone on their journey to spiritual growth.
Yoga beginners experience a gentle introduction.

Module 1 of Yoga Level 1 begins with a comfortable and understandable introduction suited for those with no Yoga knowledge at all. Agama curriculum integration allows for an on-going journey. Those who have explored Yoga at Agama headquarters in Thailand or at any other educational facility that explored this branch will find our single-week retreats an effective and inspiring way to progress without the need for international travel. You may transfer your learning and experience to or from any Agama branch. Those who have attended classes with us (formerly Bhairava Yoga) previously can begin again whenever your schedule and inclination permits.

Our Yoga retreats offer the following:

” Authentic yet understandable Yoga education in theories and practices (4-5 hours daily)
” Guided meditation for groups in Tantric Vipassana from Kashmirir Shaivism (2-3 hours daily)
” Satsangs and group discussions every evening with Somananda
” Various spirit-focused lectures and classes with Somananda
o The Art of Skillful Action – How to Outwit Your Karma
o Challenging Gravity – Facts and Fallacies on Levitation
o How to talk to God
o Mind Reading with Yoga – Lecture and Exercise
o Spiritual Guidelines to Harmonious Life
o How to Overcome Spiritual Tests and to Understand the Spiritual Path
o Angels and Demons: What Are Angels and Angel Hierarchies? What Are Demonic Influences and Entities, According to Spiritual Traditions
o What Happens to the Soul After Death
o Secrets of the Mind – How to Change the Matrix