Yoni Egg Training

Sofia Sundari Courses for Mystical Femininity & Tantric & Taoist Sexuality

Definition Of Tantra:

Tantra is Hindu or Buddhist mystical or ritual text, dating from the 6th to the 13th centuries.

Sofia Sundari is an international Tantra teacher. She is a writer, Tantra coach, and facilitator of Yoni egg training courses & mystical femininity and Tantric and Taoist sexuality.

Sofia enables people to expand their natural erotic freedom as a gateway to coordinate with the divine. Sofia Sundari is here to help you recall the beauty, power, and innocence of your erotic nature. It is here to give love, serve up the truth, and bring everything back to its true nature which is pure love.

This is a place where your secrets stop being shameful and nourish your light where your spirituality and sexuality join as one. Tantra courses, retreats, priestess school, yogi egg training and tantric couples training are available in Bali and Ibiza.

Before going into what we are about, let’s talk about you:

You are a bright, powerful being. You are powerful, radiant, fierce, and at peace with yourself.

This is where you should be, this where you are right now:

You are tired of being placed in small boxes, limiting your potential, suffocating you, and blocking your ability to share your special gifts with the world. You are fascinated with love and want to experience it beyond the average. You realize there is more for you to experience but have no idea how to permit yourself to do this.

You want to feel comfortable in expressing yourself everywhere you go and stop hiding. You want to shine your light with great confidence before everyone. You know that there must be something sacred about sexuality but you have never learned what that is and have never been given the opportunity to delve into it.

You feel shame about liberating yourself as a sexual being because you believe there is something dirty about expressing your sexuality in a powerful way. You need to unleash your full sexual potential because you are ready for a life of ecstasy. You want to feel sexual liberation that will empower all aspects of your life. Whether it’s business, health, love, friendship, or finances. You are so stressed and exhausted from your daily life by taking care of everyone else accept yourself. You want to feel incredibly alive with every cell in your body every day of your life.

You have never experienced an orgasm and you are so tired of faking it. You want to experience ecstasy in sex and life on a daily basis. You have regular orgasms but want to experience something beyond that with multiple, whole body orgasms, with or without a partner. You want to attract your perfect love and experience sacred sexuality with them without shame or guilt which you have experienced from the past. You want to dive into deeper levels of pleasure, intimacy, and connection by using sexuality as a force to expand and transform you.

You want to connect with your essence and your truth. You want to heal your sexual trauma from your past so you can feel free and begin to truly enjoy intimacy and truly deep connections.

Does this sound familiar? If so, then you are in the right place and we are your guiding light.