Koh Phangan Healing Retreat

Healing retreat Koh Phangan, Thailand

My name is Shakti Cabral, I’m a Transformational Healer, Humanitarian & Multi-Dimensional Therapist. My aim is to help mankind by re-establishing individuals with their divine power as well as Soul purpose.

To put it basically in easy terms, “I wish to assist you to recognize your complete potential and turn out to be the most established, caring, unlimited, most genuine and perfect model of the individual YOU are intended to be.”

I was working within the area of Holistic therapy back in 1994. I had been a resident associate of the Therapeutic Team located at Amchara Detox & Fasting Retreat in the united kingdom and have also coached in Koh Phangan, India, Bali & Malaysia. I formerly resided in London, England running company stress management & Transformational healing retreats in Glastonbury. I have also tutored Hatha Yoga & Five Elements Qigong globally, however, I have preferred to concentrate exclusively on the ascension practice and also re-alignment of humanity, Soul, Spirit as well as Earth.

In 2016 I was the resident healer on a Television show for the BBC known as “The Retreat” with Nick Knowles, where I worked with both cast and crew.

I am presently operating and also residing in Koh Phangan, Thailand, training and providing personal restorative classes regionally along with providing Skype sessions to customers all over the world. I also teach Inter-Dimensional Healing and New Earth grid work individually to committed people.

My reward and also soul purpose is therapeutic and also helping the change which comes with growth. I’ve acquired expertise by striving through my own discomfort and also lifestyle issues, meaning I bring along an extremely embodied knowledge to my job. I have developed an everyday rehearsal, incorporating a lot of modalities leading to profound degrees of inner balance, balance, serenity and also alignment.
Through therapies, I keep a facilitating room for my customers to encounter their very own transitions with assistance and uplifting support. I am enthusiastic about going for the main key of problems/conditions and also do not get into imagination. My target is in identifying remedies that enable plans to be recognized as well as unfolding them purely. My aim would be to improve and also make it possible for you to reach your total capabilities so you match up with your soul’s work. 

Are you currently prepared to gain access to the Living Library to attain your total possibility and transcend the confinement of the majority of people’s third-dimensional view of existence?

All of us have our unique Living Library, also referred to as the Akashic Records. I am going to help you gain access to all of them so that you can have a brand new view of your life. Mysteries related to your life turn out to be crystal clear and you can observe what the exact regions for understanding and also knowledge are.
I am presently located in Koh Phangan, Thailand and can provide my recovery classes through Skype or perhaps right here face to face.