Koh Phangan Villas

Welcome To Koh Phangan, Thailand

If your next holiday is planned for Koh Phangan, Thailand you must look into Bay Villas. These luxury rentals will treat you like a king and/or queen with the highest quality hospitality and exemplary services. Sit back and enjoy luxurious indoor and outdoor living, outstanding ocean views, and breathtaking sunsets.

Contact us, we will provide you with villas to fit the dates you will be here, the number of people in your party, and what your requirements are.

Bay Villas Koh Phangan is elevated overlooking the Bay of Haad Salad and/or Haad Tian. You will only be minutes from beautiful sandy beaches located on the northwest coast. Indulge yourself in luxury like you have never seen before with accommodations on Koh Phangan.

The first villa project in 2008 for Bay Residence Koh Phangan was Bay Villa. This exceptional multi-award winning project was the concept of architect Chapman Taylor which became the most successful villa management and rental project in Thailand.

Bay Residence Koh Phangan pays very close attention to services and excellent hospitality for their guests. You will receive an unsurpassed experience while staying at these luxurious hotels during your next holiday rentals.

Management has a background of five-star ratings due to their level of care that is of the highest standards. You will discover from the time you first contact us until you are ready to leave, our management, our team of engineers, and housekeeping staff will make sure you experience nothing short of perfection!

To make your stay even more enjoyable we offer many amenities including a luxurious villa spa, breakfast delivered directly to you, car rentals delivered to your villa, and personal transportation to and from the Samui airport.

Bay Residence will give you a level of care and services to ensure your holiday stay is what is expected by discerning travelers like yourself.

Bay Residence is the ultimate destination for your holiday in Thailand. Bask in your villa designed in modern, tropical elegance, an open floor plan, luxurious comforts, and breathtaking views.

When you visit Koh Phangan, you will be greeted by endless, gorgeous beaches, crystal clear water, and stunning sunsets that engulf magnificent coconut groves. The island has dedicated 70% of their national park land to ensure natural beauty and peace will always remain.

Launched in 2008, Bay Residence has constructed numerous villas to choose from. The entire project evolved over several years, proving their track record is exemplary. They have taken their concepts and incorporated them in Koh Phangan with a mission to be the leading development partnership on the island. Their planning will ensure that all developments on the island will protect its unspoiled, natural beauty.

Welcome To Thailand:

Break away from your stressful, busy lifestyle and engulf yourself in amazing history, welcoming culture, and outstanding beauty. Southern Thailand is the perfect place to let down your hair and enjoy life! Walk along secluded, pristine beaches, walk among enchanted waterfalls, and join nature in their national parks. Take up snorkeling and scuba diving and discover the living world under the crystal blue waters. Book your next holiday to Thailand, you will be so glad you did!