Thailand Healing Health Center

Koh Phangan, Thailand health & healing center

The Agama Healing Center For Balance & Health Of Body And Mind

Agama Healing Center is a holistic health center that is committed to helping people develop a better life physically, emotionally, and mentally using natural long-term methods. The center uses the wisdom of Yoga Therapy and modern medicines to promote an excellent environment for self-healing.

Agama Healing Center’s Therapists put together excellent articles that cover a large range of health topics every week. They are dedicated to providing the very best practical knowledge in order to help you transform your life. The therapists pursue extensive training in order to efficiently combine the enormous wisdom of Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Modern Science, and so much more. You will receive excellent insight into health that you will not get anywhere else. You will be updated with weekly and monthly articles that offer many important topics.

The programs are designed with a scope of health objectives and are easily adaptable to the Western lifestyle.


Their highly-trained consultants use different approaches to help each person individually. Recommendations are provided with the goal of integrating your mind-body connection. Through a great deal of experience, the center’s approach is both natural and effective.


Workshops are offered on Wednesdays to explore many very interesting topics and health objectives in greater detail and depth. Through group participation, learning is an enjoyable way to share each other’s experiences and expand your personal awareness. These workshops provide both theory and practice.

Yoga Classes:

These classes are highly specialised to guide you through the application of yoga across many different areas of health. The classes are perfect for beginners as well as those experienced practitioners. Whether you prefer individual classes or in a group, both are available to meet your needs.

Teacher Training Sessions:

The AYTT is a 450-hour training that’s led by western-trained Doctor Maha Ananda. This program addresses the full range of the being by incorporating viewpoints from the health industry, mainstream medicine, and Yoga. After many years of guiding, witnessing, and discovering numerous healing stories, in 2008, Swami Vivekananda and Dr. Maha Ananda created a therapy-based practice that encourages self-healing within people.

When your body is in a self-healing mode, many other areas of life become balanced, including being able to handle negative emotions through a greater awareness known as the mind-body connection. Therapeutic yoga and other supportive methods are applied to develop and maintain self-healing over a much longer period of time.

“We believe in the miracle of an inner capacity to heal and evolve.”

The human being is a multidimensional, multifaceted creature. Therefore, awareness and consciousness can be demonstrated on many different planes.

Agama healing addresses health and healing by bringing together the five bodies which are:

� Physical
� Energetic
� Emotional
� Mental
� Spiritual