Yoga Retreat Thailand

The Yoga retreat is located in the northwestern region of Koh Phangan in Thailand lies in the tropical forest ten minutes from the Haad Salad Beach and presents a relaxing environment for cultivating a better life and developing one’s practice. We encourage self-healing and believe that the best teacher our students can have is themselves. Our principal objective is providing tools that will expand your personal consciousness.

The Yoga Retreat is the perfect balance for a comforting tropical holiday, whether you are a professional yoga teacher or just a beginner. We help you connect to your body and guide you through your personal transformation. You will learn yoga, pranayama, chakra healing, detox, meditation and every other tool to impact a positive change in your life. And you will hopefully go home with them. Teresa and Kes Kennard, the Yoga Retreat founders merged their vast experience in Pilates, Yoga and dance with their love for one another and decided to start the Yoga Retreat in Thailand in the year 2000. The Yoga retreat is a peaceful, eco-friendly environment believed to be secret of true transformation.

We also provide access to free Wi-Fi to be used by our guests.

Yoga Classes At the retreat, the Yoga classes are a combination of the usual postures (asana) and the more taxing postures, with variations and modifications to every student. We always place emphasis on breadth, which simultaneously creates awareness in body and mind. As a result of this, the body is energized, mind is centered, and consciousness is improved. The goal is to amplify vitality and promote a sense of well-being.

Hatha Yoga Hatha yoga classes last from 4.00pm to 4.30pm daily.

Hatha yoga is a subtle, more restorative kind of Yoga that aims to bring balance to both sides of the body. From the Indian Sanskrit, ‘Ha’ translates as Sun and ‘Tha’ as moon. This implies a balance of day and night, male and female, Yin and Yang, positive and negative. Hatha Yoga functions through perfecting the breathing techniques (Pranayama) as well as the body positions (Asana) and it promotes the health by tapping into the body’s energy chakras. Love is created within through practice and this love increases the desire for more practice. A yoga practitioner receives an instrument to make everyday life better.

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